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The backgammon game has been a favorite pastime for many years and continues to be till this day, play other casino games online at site. The 5000-year long history is proof of the unusual popularity it enjoyed. Of course, it went through many transformations, but the fifteen checkers that are allotted to each player and the alternately colored backgammon board are known to people from around the globe.

The rules of backgammon are easy to learn and the objective is to bring all the checkers into ?Home,? which is an area on the board. From here the checkers are removed from the board. The player who gets all the checkers into Home first, and gets them off the board is the winner. Even children today know how to play backgammon as it is one game that is available at toy stores.

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If you want to play backgammon online, playing at Bwin Casino affords the same excitement as the traditional game played on a backgammon board.

The clear backgammon instructions provided by the casino is one of the attractions to play the game here, another being the chance to play free games through which players can develop their skills.

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